Trial Experience

Currently, no candidate on the ballot for State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County has ever prosecuted a criminal case or handled any significant felony jury trials. The citizens of Prince George’s County cannot afford to give on-the-job training to our next State’s Attorney. Bruce Johnson served over 4 years as a prosecutor in the Prince George’s State’s Attorney Office. In addition, he has tried over 150 felony jury trials, 600 felony bench trials and has handled well over 1400 misdemeanor cases in the metropolitan area. Let’s fix this problem and ELECT BRUCE JOHNSON!


As Defense Attorney

  • District of Columbia v. Ricardo Walters
    • Case No. 2016 CTF 005656
  • State of Maryland v. Brown
    • Case No.: CT020891X
  • State of Maryland v. Graham
    • Case No.: CT001352X
  • State of Maryland v. Madlock
    • Case No.: CT020063X
  • State of Maryland v. Glenn
    • Case No.: CT031268X
  • United States v. Alli
    • Case No.: DKC-07-174
  • Sykes v. United States Appeal
    • Case No.: 01-CO-1407
  • United States v. Davis
    • Case No.: 03-105 (RWR)
  • United States v. Parker
    • Case No: 2010-CF3-09822
  • United States v. Morrow
    • Case No: 2008 CF2002895
  • United States v. Parsons
    • Case No: 1:08-CR-00089-CKK-2
  • State of Maryland v. Stewart
    • Case No: 08K09000772
  • Commonwealth of Virginia v. Chen
    • Case No: BT12040873-00
  • State v. Williams
    • Case No. CT141057X
  • State v. Leake-Hall
    • Case No. 5D00314585
  • State v. Crowell
    • Case No. 2XD-K0E4D
  • United States vs. Kevin L. Myers
    • Case No 1:15-mj-00412-TCB
  • State of Maryland vs. Matthew Brandon Thomas
    • Case No. JM05720

As Prosecutor

  • State of Maryland v. Sowell
    • Case No.: CT970128X
  • State of Maryland v. Smalls
    • Case No.: CT962473X
  • State of Maryland v. Pickett
    • Case No.: CT962276X
  • State of Maryland v. White
    • Case No.: CT961568X
  • State of Maryland v. Footes
    • Case No.: CT970652A
  • State of Maryland v. Hill
    • Case No.: CT961273X